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been spilt and led to this moment. now now now! >> abraham lincoln has asked us to work with him to accomplish the death of slavery. >> no one's ever been loved so much. don't waste that power. >> this fight is for the united states of america. >> we didn't choose to be born and do we fit into the times we're born into. >> i don't know about myself. you maybe. >>> welcome back to the morning edition of morni"morning joe." >> enjoy your holidays? >> great. >> fantastic. >> thank you for spending part of your morning with us. this hour, we're talking "lincoln." >> wish they would leave. they came over. i never even met them. >> do you know their names yet? >> i never even met them. hey, neighbor. >> hey, how are you? good to see you. it's like, i don't know your name. i hate it when it happens. >> i will buy them all tickets to my favorite movie of the year, "lincoln," hand it to them online. go in my door and lock it. this is a heck of a coincidence. the steven spielberg film based on doris good wwin's book on ho t this president ended slavery. the film turned out to be the talk o
on the bible of martin luther king and abraham lincoln, as he re-enacts the oath of office from the capitol this morning. there it is right there. what a magnificent sight it is. robin, i know you're watching from home today. i wish you could be down here with us. we cannot wait to have you back. the whole gang is in new york, as well. we'll be covering the inauguration all day long on abc news. josh elliott out on the mall right now. josh, you've been tracking the celebrations all weekend long. what do you have right now? >> i'm actually here on pennsylvania avenue, veritably, in the shadow of the capitol, as the parade makes its way past. barack obama and the presidency, the realization of the dual dream of dr. king and abraham lincoln. he'll be using those two bibles when he takes the public oath of office, again, all leading to a remarkable day here on the national mall. overnight, the president attended the first event of his second term, a candlelight reception. >> what we're doing is celebrating each other. and celebrating this incredible nation that we call home. >> reporter: where
very easily. >>> author of numerous books on abraham lincoln recalls the four months between president lincoln's election and a number of 1860 to his inauguration in march, 1861. during this time the president was pressured by republicans and democrats throughout the country to maintain the union. it's a little over an hour. >> welcome to the virtual book signing here at the abraham lincoln bookshop as always. i'm daniel weinberg and i am pleased to have you here. it is a lincoln civil war book signing at work. it's a wonderful way for you to build a first edition signed library with all of the books coming out over the next few years in the lincoln bicentennial which is upon us but also the war that follows the heels there are so many books coming out and we are going to try to weed through them and have the authors on the show so you can see the best research going and also you have to weed out others that you don't have to have always. there are too many books out there. >> i say that as a book dealer we adjust them for book signings and that is what distinguishes us. if you are wat
. in fact, it pains me to say that even abraham lincoln visited prostitutes. i know, say it isn't so but it happened. the details on it are sketch y, there's not a lot of letters written. but lincoln's best friend was joshua speed, and speed was perhaps as dashing and as handsome and as lucky with the ladies as lincoln was allegedly unlucky in romance. and speed felt sorry for lincoln, always calmed one another by their last names, speed, and lincoln. speed invited lincoln to work at his general floor, and speed didn't have a place to say, so lincoln let speed stay upstairs, and during the friendship, speed was using the services of a professional woman. okay? and you imagine lincoln upstairs, with a pillow over his head, trying to mind his own business as speed is doing his business. and lincoln basically says to speed, i have to have a woman. it's been too long. and here's what appears to have happened. only abraham lincoln would do this. lincoln asked steve for a letter of introduction with a professional woman, and i don't me agriculture. it was an occupation that predated agricu
was stunned by that. here's the man he says he is and acts like a fan of abraham lincoln, and he doesn't give our president, abraham lincoln, the credit for having save the union. you know, he doesn't acknowledge the saves in the country in 1860, there was not an uprising. the north liberated, freed those slave, and president lincoln led the way. in somewhere surely, there's not to be an impulse to be right with history. >> remember, lou, he's a far left ideology believing america is the root of evil, not just at home, but abroad. it is a very, i think, pathological ideology, and that's where you see the joy with him. previous presidents worked their entire lives to get to the white house. once they got there, they relished the job. they loved the constitution. they loved what america represented. you don't get that sense from this president. lou: we don't get that sense, nor do we see great reference. he spoke to me, judy, as a man who sees himself apart rather than the beneficiary or the heir to the american experience. to american values, and all the sacrifices gone before. i think -- the
and the roles that then congressman abraham lincoln and henry clay played in the national debate. this is about an hour. >> thanks, denise. i want to thank everybody who's been so nice to be here at the abraham lincoln presidential center. i've seen the benito juÁrez exhibit which i encourage all of you to go see when there isn't some very big event going on over there, like there is right now. it's a fantastic show, and really the relationship between juÁrez and lincoln is so really intriguing. what i want to talk to you guys about today is my most recent book, "a wicked war: polk, clay, lincoln, and the 1846 invasion of mexico." the title of "a wicked war" is taken from a quote from ulysses s. grant, from late in his life, grant looked back sort of on everything you done in his career and in his memoirs he writes very frankly about the experiences that he is had, the good and bad, and it makes a really good reading. at one thing that grant spent some time thinking and talking of late in his life was his role in the u.s.-mexico war of 1846. and grant said, you know, at the time i do not thi
touches on it. >> we were talking about a lot of references to the 701 words by abraham lincoln. >> first of all, and there are not a heck of a lot of second inaugural addresses out there. lincoln's definitely stand out. possibly george w. bush. so much has happened in his first term. it was such a different picture international arena than it was at the beginning of his first term. >> the second inaugural address was longer than the first. >> we have quite a challenge with president clinton. the second address was rather long. he had a way with the audience. i think he made up for it with his delivery. he was very captivating with people. i think inaugural addresses and typically tended to be shorter than other major presidential addresses. it is a moment of national unity. it is that a moment to lay out a detailed policy agenda. it is much more rhetorical and poetic. >> the president will deliver his state of union address. >> that will be his policy agenda. it will also be a speech that makes a lot more news than the inaugural address. the inaugural address kind of comes and goes. the
's no question. i mean, i'm so proud of what they did. you almost feel like you're watching abraham lincoln walking and talking and the political genius that he had. in our time now to see the possibility of getting those characters in congress to come together to do something is a great sobering lesson. >> do you wish perhaps that today's politicians from the president down showed some of the moral courage that lincoln showed over the issue of slavery, for example? >> i think that's the real point. you know, everybody talks about we wish the politicians today showed the compromise which the movie shows and lincoln showed. but it's the moral courage and the convictions of fighting for the right thing that even preceeds the fact that then you do whatever you can to get that end of slavery accomplished. >> doug brinkley, tell a layman brit like me why you have to have the oath said twice this year. because apparently it's not always the case. so explain to me what happens if it falls on a sunday? >> well, sunday we're going to do it at a white house ceremony. heel be officially inauguratinged
in our hands. now, now, now. >> abraham lincoln has asked us to work with him to accomplish the death of slavery. >> nobody has ever been a loved as much by the people. do not waste that power. >> we fight for the united states of america. >> do we choose to be born? are we fitted into the times we're born into? >> you may be. tavis: i think i'm gonna use the word "myth." there is a myth or certainly there is a narrative that we've wrestled with for years about who mary todd lincoln was. clearly, she was grief- stricken, but what was the challenge to you to portray her in the way that is what the film called for versus what we have heard and thought about molly? >> well, i had to go in without any preconceived ideas of anything that i might have thought she was. since i had been sort of looking at her for so many years, i had less preconceived ideas than maybe most people. i read five biographies on her, so it was really piecing together her psychology of why she behaved the way she did and some of the documented things that we know that she behaved certain ways. the task is then what
to say that even abraham lincoln visited a prostitute. i know. citizens so. it happened. the details on the sketchy. there is a lot of -- there aren't a lot of letters written about this, but here's what we can piece together. lincoln's best friend was joshua stevens. and he was, perhaps, as dashing in this handsome and best of my guess, "and "lucky with the link -- ladies as lincoln was only an awkward and unlucky and romance. and he felt sorry. he invited him to work at his general store. he did not have up place to stay so he stayed as -- upstairs of the general store. during their he was amusing the services of a professional woman. you imagine lankan of stairs with a pillow over his head trying to mind is so -- on business . and he basically says, i have to have a woman. it has been too long. here is what appears to happen. only abraham lincoln would do this. he asks him for a letter of introduction. a professional woman, and i don't mean agriculture as the oldest profession. an occupation that predated record to viral culture. will we have pieced together is lincoln visited a p
in abraham lincoln's inauguration another belonging to dr. martin luther king jr. who we honor today. the president referenced the slain civil rights leader prominently in the remarks. he took on gay rights and immigration and entitlements and the deep political divide across our nation. first to the parade route. john roberts will travel with the parade along pennsylvania avenue if the technical gods allow it. john, good afternoon. >> so far the gods are with us. if we could spin the camera over here a little bit you can see the east front of the capitol the president will join the motorcade coming out of the driveway from the east front to the constitution avenue. this will be in the next hour and a half to two hours. the parade is 1.5 mile long including a mix of civilian and military contributions, mostly marching bands and a lost floats that will be brought in from the civilian side of things something implemented in 1841 by william henry harrison. you will know he liked to do things big. he had the longist inaugural address of anyone at two hours in horrible weather and he did
) to be an eighth-grader. the collaborative has chosen for the second place at 12 greater, from abraham lincoln high school. stephanie chung (applause) and then we have a number of first place winners. i'm sure this is all about collaboration, talking about it, what it means absorbing the purpose and working together. the first place poster altogether for all of us to see. i would like to name everybody. community youth center of san francisco, the young asian women against violence youth participant jennifer chang. kimberly how. erica lam. allie lee. adriana wen (sounds like) diana -- and amy ung. congratulations everybody. (applause) (applause) (applause) good job everybody. thank you. and so at this time supervisor -- or do i give it back to -- nancy. thank you again. >> at this time we would like to call supervisor carmen chu. (applause) >> i think that is part of the program they wanted the winners to perhaps say a few words. >> thank you for choosing our picture. we were really surprised when you did. we are really happy. (applause) >> we were very surprised. thank you very much.
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magnitude imperilled by the election to the presidency of an anti-slavery man by abraham lincoln, he meant, the people of the southern states were driven to the adoption of some course of action to avert the danger with which they were openly menaced. and that course of action, of course, was leaving the federal union. davis was not overstating the stakes for him if his fellow -- for him and his fellow slave owners, the more than 12 million souls who resided in the southern states in 1860. nearly one out of three of those people was enslaved, was owned outright by other people. and on the markets of the day, those nearly four million human beings were worth something like $3 billion. that was an immense sum at the time. it was a sum greater than the value of all the farmland in all the states of the south. it was a sum fully three times as great as the cost of constructing all the railroads that then ran throughout all the united states. to give you some idea of just what those human bodies were worth. but even more important to southern wealth than the sale price of these human bodies was
" honored with 12 oscar nods. of course, a lot of people point to the fact that abraham lincoln, you know, habeas corpus went way after and way beyond what constitutional powers he was granted, and critics say this president is, essentially, doing the same. i always remind people with this flippant comment, i knew abraham lincoln. abraham lincoln was kind of an historical friend of mine. this guy's no abraham lincoln, nor are the circumstances the same. what do you say? >> you're exactly right. the difference is abraham lincoln had his priorities in order, and one of the re problems with president obama is his priorities seem to be a mess. instead of talking about spending control, we're talking about gun control. instead of talking about solid, long-term economic solutions to help turn around the economy, we're talking about minting a trillion dollar coin. this is a president who seems to be sort of thumbing his nose at what really needs to be done in this next term. i mean, instead he's doing a power grab to secure his legacy. neil: you know, ilya, he's not the first president to try to
able the inauguration. >> he's also got a bible which was used by abraham lincoln. i went to see the movie lincoln and the story of his battle to end slavery is an inspiring story. you have two bibles, one was dr. king's and the other was abr abraham lincoln's that's got to be a weight on his shoulders. >> this president really is a scholar of abraham lincoln. he likes talking about him. one is looking for him to rip off of lincoln's second inaugural tomorrow. >> how will he get through the impasse of washington and the antipathy of the republicans? how can he force through his agenda in a smart way? >> like dr. king he's won a noble peace prize. he's an international figure and the world will be watching tomorrow. he's going to have to do some things quickly. by march you'll have the fiscal debate. i think he's got to push gun control very quickly and then he'll have to deal with an explosive international situation that's going on in north africa, syria, iran. there's not a moment that he can rest. he at least doesn't have to transition to washington, d.c. this has been his hom
called abraham lincoln's white house. through the narrative of defense i have a comparative look at both of the inner and outer lives of this extraordinary group of figures, combing through their family papers, their letters, their official records, and what a great luxury it is the root so often to their families for the children they wrote these passages at night in their diary how they have time to do so after worrying about the civil war during the day still remains a mystery to me but life is less distracted in those days. and i am hoping this competitive perspective will also have some insights into a number of issues in the field of the scholarship including the impact of loss of a parent at an early age and experience that lincoln shared with chase base and stanton. he lost his mother and chase was on the eight when he lost his father, stanton was 13, and while each of their lives was permanently contoured by the early death of their parent, the impact of oh-la-la depended on each man's tim grumet and the unique circumstances and their families. the comparative perspective also c
by abraham lincoln freing the slaves. >> coming up, we take a look back, what were the top five new stories in 2012? >> coming up next, we will share with you our list to see if you agree. >> we will also look at what the weather will bring up for the first few days of 2013. >> a new year, a new superbowl is up for grabs. it starts sunday for the redskins and we have news about mike shanahan's contract. we will recap it all >> new at 6:00 we're taking a brief look back at the year that was in 2012. >> earlier at 5:00 we shared with you on our list 10 through six. >> now we finish our list taking us from number five to number one. >> number five, shutting the shuttle. thousands stopped what they were doing as to watch as the space shuttle "discovery" was flown around dulles and is now on display. number four, maryland voters approved controversial referendums on the dream act, same-sex marriage, and casinos. number three d.c. council corruption. harry thomas resigned admitting to embezzling $350,000. he is in prison. in june, brown resigned and plead guilty to
the president will use two bibes, one is the lincoln bible that he took the oath with in 2009 and abraham lincoln used for his inauguration. he also plans to use martin luther king's personal traveling bible. >> the final chapter in afghanistan. the secretary of defense makes a bold prediction. >> we had a mild january night in washington. doug hill is back with how long this will last. >> rg3 is pressing to start his rehab and recovery. the window zards are ready for wall to return while the ravepbtses are going to count on ray ray in the mile-high city. >> at least 150 people are dead after a series of bombings in pakistan. eight people died in the initial attack at an explosion at a bill lard hall in pakistan. >> the united states is in the final chapter of the struggle to ensure afghanistan can govern and protect itself. that is defense secretary panetta's message. both men agree that the more than decade-long war has been costly. >> we have sacrificed together. that has created a bond that will not be broken in the future. >> u.s. troops are expected to
-- the president will place his hand on two and bibles. abraham lincoln's, and mlk's. >> we can do anything we want to do. >> a very emotional day. expect even bigger crowds tomorrow a ports of 800,000 people. traffic will be an issue. -- upwards of 800,000 people. traffic will be an issue. get here as early as possible. live in northwest, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the president will take the oath using a bible once owned by dr. king on the very day the country marks the civil rights' speaker's birthday. >> a democracy by way of inauguration. remembering king is one of those americans who helped the democracy. >> martin luther king teh third. cameras ever were capturing the moment. -- were there capturing the moment. >> there were people of all races, all nationalities holding hands. >> that day she purchased this metal. today, she wore it. >> it is a dream that is deeply rooted in the american dream. >> she is here from virginia. she can to president obama's first inauguration and could not miss this one. >> the second one is just as memorable and historic. >> she would like to thi
inauguration since 1851, when president abraham lincoln received his first salute from a d.c. guardsmen. >> stay with abc 7 for complete coverage of the inauguration. you can find more information by going to coming up, disturbing surveillance shows and other subway attack. we will show you what police are saying about this incident. the center for disease control releases its latest findings on the deadly flu outbreak. back on the ice, find out how the caps paid tribute to their fans. take a look outside in frederick, maryland. sunny skies, nice to see. >> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. >> police in philadelphia have arrested a man who they say through all woman onto the subway tracks. this is disturbing video. this was caught on tape. in this video, look at this, the man walked up to a woman. he asked her for a lighter, and then he attacked her. fortunately, she was able to pull herself to safety. the misconduct trial of john leopold is under way today it with opening statements. he waived his right to a jury trial, a judge is going to determine his guilt or innocence.
will always have in mind abraham lincoln's. mostly, they disappoint and they disappoint for the reasons i've given. i would urge avoid rhetoric for its own sake. avoid the tendency to soar and loft. >> did something jump out at you? >> the president set down some very bold markers about advancing democracy. he was immediately tested by one of america's most important undemocratic allies, egypt, which almost within days of the second innal gral put in jail the leading opponent, mubarak. it was a much more embarrassing than it would have have been in the absence of such a vaulting speech. >> you worked for clinton in the white house. his second inaugural, anything jump out at you? >> president clinton very much wanted to be a healer. in fact, he had his hand on the bible opened to the passage of the prophet and finished that inaugral address and within a couple of years the republicans impeached him. his highest goal was to try to unify the country and that didn't work. that's just the times we live in. the president has to accept that and to manipulate that to the goals that he needs becau
. >>> and president obama will take the oath of office on the same bible that abraham lincoln used. we'll give you a close look at this extraordinary piece of american history. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> let's begin this hour with the breaking news. algeria's official news agency has just announced the end of a rescue operation aimed at freeing hostages including americans held by islamic militants. u.s. government officials tell cnn that may not necessarily, though be the case. let's get straight to our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence working this story for us. chris, be what is the very latest that you're hearing? >> wolf, the latest that we're getting from u.s. officials is that some americans may have escaped but some may still be held by those hostage takers and they are still seeing signs perhaps of some intermittent fighting suggesting that perhaps this isn't over yet. as the hostage situation stretched to a second day, u.s. officials scrambled to find a resolution and determine the state of the americans still in militant hands. >>
, one used by king and one by abraham lincoln. >> their actions and the movement they represented are the only reason that it is possible for me to be inaugurated. >> martin luther king day is dome and the president see as connection to him being on the podium and the sack credit files of dr. king and many others. he will talk about that tonight in a reception here in washington at 8:45 p.m. eastern. >> thank you, ed henry for all of those who did not know my reference at the top of the show was to the football game that was ongoing at the time. congratulations to the 49ers who are headed to the super bowl. for those who were watching the game who may just be joining us, welcome aboard to the special "special report." one lasting element of a president is the effect on the supreme court. so far, president obama has put two justices on high court, both women, both considered progressives, left of center, and tonight, we look at what is ahead. >> in the event there is a vacancy the president is going do come under immense political pressure to swing. >> after initial g.o.p. resistan
and the worst. and there, done that, a long history of it. it pains me to say even abraham lincoln visited a. say it isn't so, but it happened. the details on matters itchy. there's not a lot of letters written about this, but lincoln's best friend was joshua speed and speed was perhaps as dashing and from unlucky with the ladies as lincoln was homely and awkward unlucky in romance. they always called one another by their last names. speed, lincoln. speed and that is linking his door and didn't have a place to stay, so what can let speed stay upstairs at the general store. during the friendship, speakers using services of a professional woman. you imagine lincoln upstairs with a pillow over his head trying to mind his own business as speed is doing his business. he basically says that after the woman. it's been too long. on the abraham lincoln would do this. it appears i cannot speak for a letter of introduction. with a professional women. i don't mean agriculture appeared as an occupation that predated our culture. what we have pieced together as lincoln visited the and had maybe $3 with hi
when president abraham lincoln abolished slavery with the stroke of a pen. today, the u.s. postal service issued a commemorative stamp to mark the occasion. and that's just one of the ways americans are honoring what president lincoln called an act of justice. our report tonight from nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: 2:00 today in amhurst, massachusetts, and elsewhere, signals of gratitude and honor, marking the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. >> we're at a better time in life and history where the future is bright for all of us. >> reporter: at 2:00 p.m. on january 1st, 1863, president abraham lincoln is said to excused himself from the east room where he had been greeting new year's visitors to the white house. he headed to his office upstairs, now the lincoln bedroom, and signed the emancipation proclamation. presidential his torn doris kearns goodwin. >> that morning, lincoln had shaken thousands of hands. so when he went to sign the emancipation proclamation, his own hand was numb and shaking. he put the pen down. he said, if ever my soul were in an act, it is
.com/booktv. >> tonight, i'm going to discuss abraham lincoln's role from 1860 until 1861. more specifically, i'm going to talk about how he rejected any political compromise. following his election in november of 1860, the country was gripped by a crisis. many felt that the republican party was a proud party and did not have a significant southern connection. there were four states that were affected, missouri, kentucky, and delaware, and they were merely just a handful. for the first time in the nations history, a party without any notable consecutive quarter was taking over the government. but there was more. the rhetoric had assaulted the south and made eight social institution of racial slavery. and they wanted to will the unit into an election without any report. republicans repeatedly talked about it being even un-american. with this pn-american. with this party on the threshold of the presidency, those who preach the gospel of the union, they took to the public platforms and newspaper columnist who proclaim to the the crisis of this help was at hand. the south had to act and this was not the fi
from thomas jefferson to abraham lincoln and provided for the military recruitment of people of african descent of whom where slaves and not of slaves. but for the state militia because of the connection between military service and citizenship claims. they did not cover all of the slave states that left out areas of the confederate states under federal control. the tension between who is really going to finish the emancipation process we can try the border states even gradually but what is more as important as it was, it was a war measure. what was going to have been with the emancipation of proclamation retained its legal authority what it effectively be overthrown for the courts? they came to secure emancipation but remember the "emancipation proclamation" would only be an effect is the union side went to war and the confederate surrendered. there is a lot of talk about the armistice and it is clear if there was, the principles really was go out the window and at that played there is no question slavery would not return as it has before but history does go backwards. >> the political
by abraham lincoln. 800,000 people are expected in the national mall. >> what we're doing is celebrating each other and celebrating this incredible nation we call home. >> reporter: the president and vice president, along with their famili families, will start by attending st. john's. the swearing-in is followed by a parade and the glitzy inaugural balls. the security is extremely tight. 15,000 military and law enforcement personnel will watch over the proceedings. >> watching an event this large, with this number of people coming, takes a lot of corporate nation. >> reporter: the president and first lady showed off their love. the president weighing in on his wife's new hair-do. >> i love her bangs. she looks good. >> let me tell you, it has just been a true thrill to watch this handsome, charming individual grow into the man and the president that he is. >> reporter: in a speech, president obama will reach out to some of those people who voted against him opinion and he'll call on washington to come together to seek common ground. rob? sunny? >> tahman bradley in washington, thank you so mu
luther king jr. and the other abraham lincoln. supreme court justice warren vice- president joe biden for his second term >> the joseph biden jr. solemn we swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states >> he also unofficially took the oath of office yesterday. president obama expressed hope for the future in his inaugural address. he called for fidelity to our founding principles. while also increasing your responses to new challenges. >> a decade of war is now ending. ifan economic recovery has begun. we possess all of the >> hughes in drive. diversity and open this. endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. >> the president will be presenting more details of his second term policy goals. he said the nation must confront the needs of a rising middle class. >> the commitments we make to each other through medicare and medicaid, these things did not stab our nation a strengthen us. they did not make us a nation of takers. a free us to take the risk that makes this country great. >> for a reaction we're joined by frank holland. >> the n
. then using abraham lincoln. the final installment in this story. neil: this just in. the apocalypse is on. the third and final piece. the latest part of vets. you already know the other two. the going to magically wipe away our debt crisis. abraham lincoln and the 14th amendment. the state of illinois, pushing to give drivers licenses to illegals. in other words, documents to the undocumented. the world is toast. rome is down. okay, tucker carlson joins us next. what you have to say? >> well, you make it sound so amusing. i'm almost not afraid of you. >> i like to laugh in the face of death. [laughter] >> that's fantastic. you know, these are all signs of the coming collapse. there's no question about it. the third one is the least defensible, however, there is no immigration crisis that needs this in the form of illegal aliens. this is just pure candor. there is no other reason to do this other than to win votes for the democratic party and it's pretty over the top. neil: sadly enough, i just thought it was upside down. we are giving documents to people that shouldn't have them because t
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